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Curt’s Water Solutions

Located in Shelburne, New Hampshire, Curt’s Water Solutions (CWS) has over a decade of experience providing water system installations, servicing and sampling that ensure high-quality water for local homes and businesses.

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Curt's Water Solutions is Proud To Be Helping Our Customers in New Hampshire

Guaranteeing a clean, purified water supply to all members of our community is what we do. We serve from the lakes region, to the top of Mount Washington all the way to the Canadian border.

Experienced in All Things Water Systems

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Water Treatment System Installation and servicing

CWS can assess your water needs to determine the right Water Treatment System for your home or business.

Water Sampling

Curt's Water Solutions offers a comprehensive water sampling service to ensure safe and reliable water for our clients.

Pump Replacement

We offer well pump, jet pump, and booster pump replacement when older pumps are no longer functioning at sufficient capabilities.

Septic Pump Replacement

We deliver a top-of-the-line septic pump replacement service that efficiently and effectively replaces old or damaged septic pumps.

Septic Pump Station Repairs and Maintenance

Curt's Water Solutions provides septic pump station repairs and maintenance for situations where a new septic system is not recommended.

Community Water system repairs and maintenance

CWS administers comprehensive repairs and maintenance services for Community Water Systems.

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